The third Necst meeting

The third Necst meeting

Marsico, March 2016

WAITING NECST – Interview to School Director Ms Rotondaro

WAITING NECST – Interview to Marsico’s students

WAITING NECST – Interview to hosting family Buoncristiano

Day #1
DAY #1 – Press conference

DAY #1 – Interview to Lucia Nardi (Eni)

DAY #1 – Interview to Riccardo Tarquini (FEEM) and Tiziano Fazzi (CivicaMente)

DAY #1 – Interview to Lidia Hrnčević (Zagreb University) and TorkelThime (Norwegian Oil and Gas Archives)

DAY #1 – Interview to Domenico Totaro (PNAL)

DAY #1 – Let’s go! The third meeting starts

Day #2
DAY #2 – Oil center visit

DAY #2 – Output presentations

DAY #2 – Interview to Gianpiero Riva (Smartphone photography)

Day #3
DAY #3 – Pertusillo dam and wind farm visits

DAY #3 – Happy birthday Janja Maria

DAY #3 – During the break

DAY #3 – Oil crops in Tramutola

Day #4
DAY #4 – Visiting Matera

Day #5
DAY #5 – The Necst Field Trip

DAY #5 – Don’t stop the party!

IIS Peano School Report

The Norwegian, Dutch and Croatian guys who stayed in our families from the 7th to 11th March, according to the Necst project’s plan, gave us the opportunity to interact with and to compare new and different cultures. From an educational point of view, the integration has ,first of all, provided the strengthening of our language skills. Among other things, we could appreciate the ease with which foreign students communicated with us Italians and we felt stimulated to make all possible efforts to use English effectively in order to exchange ideas and impressions.

We also had the opportunity to work in groups both in the preparatory phase and during our meeting, which was important not only for gaining knowledge but for developing new skills: we had to select materials and make decisions, discuss and compare them and realized the importance of improving our abilities in doing so. We achieved a better knowledge of our territory, too, through the input received from the main theme, i. e energy. As it happens, you may live in a place and ignore many aspects of what surrounds you until you have the opportunity to have a closer look at it.

From the host families, we received another feedback, that is their enjoyment of the experience. They would like to thank the partners and the school for having “given” them a glimpse of life outside their daily life. It was a great trial from the emotional point of view, on the 6th March at the meeting point of the Hotel Kiris we felt confused, embarrassed and we feared we wouldn’t be able to face such a particular situation, but only one evening was enough to ”thaw” and consider ourselves and the foreign students on the same level. The next few days went by pleasantly, we got to know our guests better and better and we were able to form a real bond with them which hopefully will continue next year and who knows?, maybe further on. Our thanks to the partners, organizers, teachers and all those who contributed to the success of this event.

See you next year guys!!!

IIS Peano